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Billy Carson info Net Worth

Billy Carson is a very talented man and he is a successful businessman. He is the founder of 4biddenknowledge company. Billy worked very hard to build his company. Billy is also a social media celebrity and is heard a lot through social media. As of 2024, Billy Carson net worth is around $6 million. Here are all the details of their career, income and other details.

Profile Summary

Full NameBilly Camrick Carson 
Known ForBilly Carson
Date of BirthSeptember 4, 1971
BirthplaceQueens, New York
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Height6 feet 4 inches
WeightAbout 70 Kg
Marital StatusMarried
ParentsFather: Billy Carson SrMother: Ingrid Carson
EducationDegree in Business administration
ProfessionBusinessman, Writer, Youtuber
Net Worth$6 million

What Is Billy Carson Net Worth?

As the CEO of the 4biddenknowledge company, Billy lives a luxurious life. Billy is not only the founder of a company, he is also an author and host of many TV shows. Billy is also known for his roles as an actor, musician, director, and producer. This is why Billy is so rich. In 2024, Billy Carson net worth is around $6 million.

Early Life/ Wiki

Billy Carson was born on September 4, 1971 in Queens, New York, USA. His family was very poor but they worked hard to get Billy into a better school or college. There came a time when Billy needed to sell newspapers for his family’s survival. But he never gave up and tried his best to gain knowledge in his life. Billy was very smart so he invested his savings because a wise person said. ‘’Poor peoples saves money and Rich people invest money’’.

Billy gave his family hope that they could survive. Billy Carson does everything for his family. He sold newspapers and also worked in a workshop. Because hardworking people never sleep hungry. All his hard work rewarded him and he became the CEO of a company. This was the only beginning of his career and he became successful with time.


Billy Carson’s career was full of difficulties. He bears many hardships to reach this stage. When Billy graduates, he gets a job at 4biddenknowledge Inc. Later, when he impresses his boss with his outstanding work skills, his boss makes Billy the company’s CEO.

After becoming the CEO of this company, Billy started to improve the company and within 2 to 3 years, Billy improved the company to become one of the top companies in America. After that, Billy started doing various things like acting, writing, producing, Youtubing,  and investing.

Now Billy has become a millionaire and lives a luxurious life and his company is now in a much bigger and stronger place.

Sources of Income

Billy has many occupations and he earns through many ways. Here we have provided all sources of income of Billy Carson.

Billy Carson Wife

Evelyn is his wife’s name.

Establishment of 4biddenknowledge Inc

4biddenknowledge Inc company was established in 2017. Billy Carson’s main source of income was the 4biddenknowledge. Billy is making a lot of money from this company. About 60% of Billy Carson’s income comes from this company.

Billy Carson Books

Billy has an interest in book writing from the start. Billy only writes a few books but his books were very interesting and profitable. Some of his wonderful books are as follows:

  • “Woke Doesn’t Mean Broke”
  • “The Epic of Humanity”
  • “The Thirteen-Centered Stargate”

Billy Carson Movies and Albums

  • The Key of Wisdom 
  • Compendium of Emerald Tablets
  • Follow Me Live
  • Pick Your Poison by Anjolique
  • Avatar
  • Donny Arcade: Anunnaki
  • False Flaggin
  • We Are Not Alone Tour
  • Donny Arcade: Love Power
  • Carpe Diem
  • Donny Arcade: Deep Space
  • Halls of Amenti

TV Shows

Billy Carson also served as a host in several TV shows. And he is mostly paid by these TV shows. Billy Carson’s most notable television appearances include:

TV ShowsNetworkRole
Deep SpaceTravel ChannelHost
UFOsScience ChannelHost
After ContactGaiaHost
Countdown to ApocalypseDiscovery ChannelHost


Billy Carson is an active social media star. Billy’s company also has an informative YouTube channel. The channel has around 924K subscribers and gets millions of views every month on his videos. Billy is earning a lot of money from YouTube monthly.


Carson is also an investor. Carson invests in several sectors such as real estate, media, and technology. Being an investor, Carson carefully invests his money which is his source of income.

Billy Carson Personal Life

Billy Carson’s family isn’t big. Carson is married to Avonlee. Carson has four children, and he always treats them with equal love. Carson is always busy with his work but always tries to save time and spend time with his family. Now they are very happy.


Family MemberRelation to Billy CarsonDescription
Billy Carson SrFatherBilly Carson’s father.
Ingrid CarsonMotherBilly Carson’s mother.
EvelynWifeBilly Carson’s wife.
UnknownSiblingsBilly Carson’s siblings are not mentioned in the article.

Social Media Links

Here are his official social media links:

  • YouTube:
    • ForbiddenKnowledge1 (668K Subscribers)
    • billycarsonofficial (469K Subscribers)
  • Facebook: Billy Carson (105K Followers)
  • Twitter: Billy Carson II (37.3K Followers)
  • Instagram: 4biddenknowledge (1.4M Followers)
  • Wikipedia: Billy Carson


What is Billy Carson net worth?

Billy Carson net worth is almost $6 million.

Who is Billy Carson’s wife?

Billy Carson wife’s name is Evenly.

What is Billy Carson’s age?

Billy Carson was born on September 4, 1971, which makes him 52 years old.

What does Billy Carson do for a living?

He is the CEO and owner of 4biddenknowledge company. He is also an actor, writer, producer, and author.


In this article, we have told about the net worth of Billy Carson. His net worth is estimated at $6 million by 2024. He is the CEO of 4biddenknowledge Inc. and that is why he is so rich. His life shows how hard work can make anyone a successful businessman. Thanks for reading the article and visit our website for more interesting articles.

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