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Alicia Allain Net Worth 2024 – Career, Income & Biography

Alicia Allain Net Worth

Alicia Allain is an American film producer and former makeup artist. Alicia Allain is married to John Schneider who is an American actor. This couple has worked together for almost seven years to entertain us. Alicia Allain has starred in popular movies like “The Badge” and “Autofocus”. But unfortunately, she died on Feb 14, 2023 at the age of just 53.

As of 2024, Alicia Allain net worth is around $1 million. Here we have provided all the details of her career, salary, source of income, biography, family and personal details.

Profile Summary

Full NameAlicia Allain Schneider
Known ForAlicia Allain
Date of BirthJuly 14, 1969
Date of DeathFebruary 21, 2023
Birth PlaceBrusly, Louisiana
Eye ColorLight Brown
Hair ColorBlonde
Height5 feet
Weight55 KG
Marital StatusMarried
ParentsMichael and Linda Marino Allain
HusbandJohn Schneider
Siblings1 (Brother)
Children1 (daughter)
EducationGraduate of the University of California
ProfessionActress, Film Producer
Alicia Allain Net Worth$1 Million

What Is Alicia Allain Net Worth?

Alicia Allain is a wealthy American film producer. Alicia Allain net worth is $1 million. She earn from many ways but her main source of income was film production. Alicia Allain made many movies in her career to entertain people of the world. People will always remember him through these wonderful movies. Below are all the details of his net worth.

Early Life

Alicia Allain was born on July 14, 1969, in America. Alicia Allain started her career as a hairstylist but later she became a film producer and earned a lot of money through this. She was married to an American actor, John Schneider.

Alicia Allain loved traveling and exploring different places of the world. She was very inspired by the various cultures of the world. Alicia Allain was previously married to Patrick Dollard. But their relationships crumbled and they left each other for some personal reasons. She lived the rest of her life with her second husband John Schneider.


Alicia Allain’s career was full of enjoyment. She entered the Hollywood industry as a hairstylist. She worked as a hairstylist for many years and provided many services to the Hollywood industry.

Alicia Allen’s career changed when she met Raffaela De Laurentiis. She is an American film producer who produced blockbusters like Dragon. Alicia Allain started working with him and after a few years, she was also upgraded to a film producer and made her first movie Notes From Underground, in 1995.

Alicia Allen worked honestly throughout her life. She will live forever in many hearts for her outstanding services to the Hollywood industry as a film producer.

Source of Income

Film Producing

Almost 60% of her income came from her film production. Alicia Allain worked for many years as a film producer and her name will always remain on the top of the list of American best film producers. Her most popular movies are ‘’The Badge’’ and ‘’Autoocus’’ and she earned a lot of money from these movies.

Real Estate Investments

Alicia Allain became more rich when she invested in real estate. Alicia Allain was very smart and invested her money carefully. Real estate is a great way for people from other countries to build wealth because it is not affected by rising prices.

Political Salary

Alicia Allain was also a member of the Louisiana House of Representatives. She receives an annual salary of $18,000 for serving in a political capacity, which is also a major source of income for Alicia Allain. She also served several years as a member of the Louisiana House of Representatives. Alicia Allain gives us a great message that we should never have one job but multiple jobs.

Income From Other Skills

As you know Alicia Allain never does only one job in her life. Before entering Politics she serves as a teacher in a school. She also earned money from Teaching services. In addition to her teaching role, she also served as a social worker. Other skills from which Alicia Allain earned money are:

  • Teaching
  • Social Work
  • Assets
  • Financial Plannings

Alicia Allain Movies

There is a long list of Alicia Allain’s movies. Alicia Allain has a great contribution to the film industry as a producer. In 2002, she played a vital role in the production of Paul Schrader’s film ‘’Auto Focus’’ which was the Blockbuster at that time. At the same time, she served as a co-producer in Billy Bob Thornton’s film ‘’The Badge’’. She also makes movies with her husband John Schneider. Here are the most popular movies of Alicia Allain:

Hotel Oklahoma1991
Leather Jackets1992
The Badge2002
Auto Focus2002
Christmas cars2019

Personal Life


Alicia Allain doesn’t have a big family. Her family consists of her parents, a brother and a daughter. Her father’s name was Michael and her mother’s name was Linda Marino. Allain loved her very much because she was her only daughter. Alicia has only one brother Brandy Micheal. Alicia has a stepdaughter Karis Schneider. She also has a grandmother, Sierra Schneider.

Married Life

Alicia Allain was first married in 1994 to Patrick Dollard who was an actor and producer. This couple loves each other very much. Alicia and Patrick also gave birth to a child. But their relationship fell apart and Alicia divorced Patrick.

Later in 2019 she married to an American actor John Schneider. Then they both lived together for 4 years and Alicia Allain died in 2023.

Alicia Allain Cause of Death

Alicia Allain die due to cancer. She had stage 4 breast cancer, which developed in 2019. Alicia battled this cancer for four years. The doctors know that she cannot survive but she does not lose hope and survives for almost three and a half years.

The cancer later affected his bones in 2022 and he could not bear the cancer and unfortunately passed away on 21 February 2023. Her husband Jon Schneider shared the news of her passing on Facebook with the words, “My beautiful smile is pain free, living with Jesus in my new body.” Alicia Allen’s death was very painful for her fans but still loved by many people.


As for latest news, Alicia Allain net worth is almost $1 million.

Alicia was a flim producer.

Alicia was married twice. She was first married to Patrick Dollard in 1994, but their relationship broke down and Alicia divorced him. Second, she was married to an actor, John Schneider.

Yes, Alicia had a daughter, Jessica Ann Dollard.

Alicia passed away on February 21, 2019, due to stage 4 breast cancer.

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