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Gillie Da Kid Net Worth 2024

Gillie Da Kid Net Worth

Gillie Da Kid is a very famous rapper, actor and podcast host. Gillie Da Kid net worth is approximately $3 million. Gillie Da Kid gained popularity as a member of the Philadelphia hip-hop group Major Figgas and as a co-host of “The Million Dollars Worth of Game Show” podcast with his cousin Wallo.

Despite facing challenges with record labels like Roc-A-Fella, Gillie Da Kid found success with Cash Money Records. He also wrote songs for Lil Wayne. In 2000, Major Figgas released the album “Figgas 4 Life”, which included the hit song “Yeah That’s Us”. This success boosted Gillie Da Kid net worth and career.

Later, he went solo and faced obstacles but demonstrated his abilities. Today, he is still a very popular rapper, actor, and dedicated personality in the entertainment world. This article will help you know the Gillie Da Kid net worth, career, early life and bio.

Full NameGille Da Kid
Real NameNasi Fard
Net Worth$3 million
BirthdayJanuary 1, 1984
BirthplacePhiladelphia, PA
NationalityUnited States
ProfessionRapper, Actor

Early Life

Gillie Da Kid born in Philadelphia, PA on January 1, 1984. His realname is  Nasir Fard. He started rapping at a young age and was influenced by local music. Despite facing challenges, he became a successful rapper known for his gritty lyrics and street-oriented style.


As a teenager, he applied to Ben Franklin High School and later went on to Cabrini College as a business major. In college, Da Kid played basketball and became a good player.

Major Figgas

In 1999, Gillie Da Kid, his cousin Wallo, and their friend Ab Liva started a rap group Major Figgas. Over time they added more members. The group made some tapes that were very popular in Philadelphia.

Then they released an album “Figgas 4 Life” on their own. Later, they got a deal with a record label and released the album again in 2000. It did okay on the charts. His song “Yeah That’s Us” also became very popular. But in 2001, the group broke up.

Solo Career

After leaving Major Figgas, Gillie signed with Cash Money Records but he faced many problems publishing the music. He continued to write songs without his name label. Later, he joined Babygrande Records and released a mixtape “The Best of the GDK Mixtapes” in 2007.

One of his songs, “Get Down on the Ground,” became popular, and even covered by Soulja Boy. Gillie released albums like “King of Philly” and “I Am Philly.” Then he left Babygrande Records and joined Relumae Records and released more albums, including “Welcome to Gilladelphia” and “Million Dollars Worth of Game. 

Acting Career

Apart from being a musician, he is also a successful actor. He worked in many films and earned a lot of money from them. Some of the Gillie Da Kid movies are:

Released YearMovies Name
2018Blood Brothers
2013Force of Execution
2010Cain’In Gazabi
2010King of the Avenue

Podcasting Career

In 2019, Gillie Da Kid and his cousin Wallace Peeples started the podcast “The Million Dollaz Worth of Game Show.” They talk about social media, reality TV, music, and comedy too. It’s a hit show.

Gillie Da Kid Family

There is no data available for Gillie’s parents but as our research, he has a sister. Her name is Kiara.

Gillie Da Kid’s Wife

In 1998, Gillie married Regina Little. Regina is an Emmy-nominated makeup artist who has worked on shows such as Chase Street and WandaVision. Regina also has her own makeup brand.

Gillie’s Children

Gillie Da kid has five children. Sadly, his eldest son who was a rapper YNG Cheese, passed away on June 20, 2023. So now they have four children.

Future Plans

As Gillie Da Kid continues to grow his career in music and business, his net worth is expected to increase. With upcoming music projects, business ventures, and partnerships, it seems that his wealth will increase greatly.

Gillie Da Kid Social Media Accounts


As for 2024, Gillie Da Kid net worth is estimated $3 million .

Gillie’s height is 5 feet and 11 inches.

His real name is Nasi Fard.

Yes, he got married to Regina Little in 1998.


Gillie Da Kid is a very successful American rapper and actor. He worked in many movies and films. He earned a lot of money through his acting. He is also a rapper and he sang many amazing songs. This is another source of his great wealth. As of 2024, Gillie Da Kid net worth is $3 million. For more interesting articles visit our website.

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